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Maintenance and Support

The ECOS solution is designed with the user in mind. We customize our training and support to each partner. and work together to formulate a training plan suited to the specific needs of the agency. ECOS is designed to be user-friendly and provides intelligent user guidance and data validation throughout the application to assist the user and ensure program compliance. We provide hosting for the ECOS Platform on the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. We also collaborate with our partners to install ECOS on-site at partner location if needed

Our goal is to develop a partnership with our clients built on the common purpose of helping those in need in our communities. Our intention is to foster a community and network of partners who believe in providing the best services to low income individuals. Any enhancement developed with one partner is made available to all other partners at no additional cost. Our maintenance agreements include periodic updates to software to maintain compliance with changing rules. Partnerships increase benefits to every partner as the community continues to grow toward common goals.

System Maintenance

Principle of continuous improvement

ECOS is developed using the latest Microsoft .NET Framework. The JAI maintenance priorities are based on the principle of continuous improvement. We provide periodic product releases which may include improvements to usability, modifications based on changing program compliance requirements, and any required updates. We listen carefully to our partners and will make improvements based on your input.

Technical Support

Support from experienced staff

The JAI Help Desk staff provides highly responsive on-going support services. Our goal is to ensure that your program runs smoothly and effectively. We work collaboratively with clients to formulate an effective communications plan for on-going support. We provide initial training services prior to software deployment as well as on-going training for new functionalities. Our experienced technical team is available to assist with program management and configuration. 

Customization & Data Exhange

Flexible options depending on agency needs

JAI offers customized modifications for enhancement and data exchange services in response to client requests. These may be for unique program features or data exchanges with utilities, contractors, or government agencies. We ensure that data transfer is implemented through secure protocols and data encryption. JAI provides requirements analysis and pricing for all enhancements and data exchanges.