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ECOS Connects 
the Network

The ECOS Platform interconnects the network in a user-friendly web-based Platform. Grantee agencies seamlessly communicate with the service delivery agencies. Each agency has exclusive access to all data pertinent to that agency. The ECOS Platform is highly interoperable for efficient and secure interfaces with external databases. Core software services that support multiple programs are located on a common Platform.

Secure Hosting

ECOS can either be hosted on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud or JAI can provide technical support for hosting ECOS at the individual State Data Center.

The Azure Government Cloud provides the highest level of non-classified US government security protection standards, excellent performance and redundant hardware architecture with all datacenters located in the US. ECOS can be configured for both grantee and sub-grantee agencies. 

Highly Interoperable

The ECOS Platform can securely interface with external software systems using JAI’s web service API. This eliminates the need for uploading and downloading data, avoids data entry duplication and helps to verify data integrity.

ECOS can interface with:
• Agency accounting systems
• Related eligibility systems
• Single purpose program software
• Vendor databases
• Other agencies for data verification


ECOS determines eligibility for multiple programs and refers clients to programs for which they are eligible. One central application per household reduced errors and dupication of effort.

• Eligibility factors are configurable 
• ECOS provides waiting list of eligible clients
• Apply online or through an agency 
• Interface with other eligibility systems.
• Central application avoids duplication 

Case Management

The ECOS database is centered on the household and each household represents a case. ECOS maintains a case history of all interactions with the household.

ECOS maintains a history of:
• Household application instances
• Services provided by program
• Electronic documents and files
• User notes and comments

Enterprise Reporting

ECOS provides agency level reporting using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Reports can be created at any time without a new software release.

SSRS reporting combined with Milestones  provides a highly effective monitoring and performance measurement tool. ECOS consolidates data across programs for CSBG and Enterprise level reporting.