ECOS Enterprise Software
for Community Service Programs

The ECOS Platform provides the core software services needed for Community Service Programs (CSP) such as security, a central database, document management and many others. ECOS offers the best practices of businesses to the Community Service Program network. Each individual CSP such as LIHEAP and Weatherization are separate Enterprise Software (ES) modules joined together in the ECOS platform.

The system is highly configurable enabling our partners to select program modules, incorporate agency policies and business processes, even customize branding by program. 

The ECOS solution is designed with the user in mind. We customize our training and support to each partner. and work together to formulate a training plan suited to the specific needs of the agency. ECOS is designed to be user-friendly and provides intelligent user guidance and data validation throughout the application to assist the user and ensure program compliance.  We provide hosting for the ECOS Platform on the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. We also collaborate with our partners to install ECOS on-site at partner location if needed.

Enterprise Options & Program Modules

Community Service Programs can use ECOS at all levels of the program delivery cycle. Whether you need an enterprise solution to manage multiple CSPs or you are one agency looking to manage a single CSP, ECOS will streamline your program delivery.

Agency Level
Enterprise Software

The Agency Level ES displays, manages and stores all data to support the administration and delivery of multiple programs in one IT platform. Agency level ES provides a comprehensive and integrated view of the entire agency. Agency level resource planning can be achieved with ES at the state agency level, an individual Community Action Agency level or at the program level.

Program Level
Enterprise Software

Program Level ES integrates all core business functions or an individual program in one system, providing a comprehensive and unparalleled view of all program data. For example, the Weatherization ES joins together the financial management, administration, intake, analytics, grant management, energy audit/job management, and document storage in one system.  

Client Eligibility

The ECOS Platform offers a robust Client Eligibility module for individual programs and services. This module is highly flexible, allowing program managers to set eligibility criteria based on funding rules and agency policies for each program and service. This module manages all household data in one common database and provides an unduplicated count of clients and services.

Weatherization Assistance Program

ECOS includes an enterprise software solution for the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). The ECOS Weatherization module includes a WAP compliant, DOE approved energy audit that integrates the entire Wx Program Delivery life cycle including all administrative, financial and operational functions.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Progam

The LIHEAP enterprise software module supports all core LIHEAP business processes including client eligibility and benefit determination, vendor management, payments, grant management, program integrity and performance goals and measures.

CSBG Reporting Module

The household centric architecture of ECOS provides the foundation for powerful program management of all your CSPs. Our CSBG module supports the reporting functions required for CSBG and provides a well validated, unduplicated count of clients and services, case management and ROMA goal tracking.