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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality software services that improve the delivery of community service programs that help to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty in our communities.

JAI's Roots

The JAI Team has direct experience as CSP management and staff at both the state and regional agency levels. Our experience in program evaluation has taught us about the challenges of performance measurement with multiple sources of data. We gained valuable insights into the IT management needs within the network. As a result, our company was founded to provide customized software applications to support LIHEAP, Weatherization and Non-Emergency Transportation.

This work led us to see the CSP network’s dire need for a new agile enterprise software platform specifically designed to serve the network. After many years of experience in the field and information collected from our network of contacts, we built a team of CSP and Information Technology experts and developed the ECOS Platform to be the best available ES solution to serve the CSP network.


Our software development priorities and goals are guided by comments and concerns we have heard across the country at conferences, when meeting with clients, and in management surveys:

“Our programs depend on data stored in paper files, multiple databases, spreadsheets, and e-mails.”
 “Our staff wastes time compiling and reconciling data, ad hoc reporting is difficult.”
 “Data transfers result in input errors.”
 “We have difficulty evaluating program outcomes and managing quality assurance.”
 “It is difficult and costly to make modifications to our existing systems.”

We understand that managers of community service programs have limited resources and they need systems that will help them provide the best assistance with those resources.

We envision a system where data is entered once, into one system, and is instantly available throughout the entire system. This system should make time-wasting compiling and reconciling of data a thing of the past. This system should store all relevant data (including pictures, scanned documents, spreadsheets, etc.) and make it easily available. This system should make it easy to manage and monitor program outcomes and quality assurance.

Partnership is key. We envision a community of partners who all benefit as the system expands with new functionality. Customized modifications or enhancements developed with one partner are available to other partners at no cost. This partnership provides increasing benefits to all of our partners as the community continues to grow toward common goals. While our approach to client services is collaborative, we also understand that each organization is unique and the system should be flexible enough to meet individual partner needs.

Our vision is to become the best-in-class software vendor for community service program providers offering services that meet our core values of quality, integrity, affordability, and community improvement.

The JAI Team

The JAI management team and core staff have been providing software development and support services to the community service program network since 2003. Our highly-skilled team includes a well-balanced combination of skills in program management and delivery, software development, and energy engineering. 

John M. Joseph Jr. PhD

Chief Executive Officer

John has 30+ years of professional experience as a Community Service Program (CSP) manager, College Professor, and Program Evaluation Consultant. Evaluation of the Weatherization and LIHEAP programs, and regular attendance at national training conference, demonstrated the need for improved software management systems. It provided the impetus to found JAI Software in 2003.

JAI’s mission has been to improve the management of CSPs by a superior software platform solution. John provides leadership, oversight and  guidance by working closely with the staff to help achieve the company’s mission and meet partner goals.

Alan Hippler, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Alan manages the software design, development, and maintenance process for JAI. He has over 20 years of professional experience developing and maintaining software in the Microsoft .NET Framework. Through his MBA training, he is well acquainted with accounting and business management. Alan grew up in a low-income home that received the services provided by CSPs

As co-founder for JAI Software in 2003, his goal has been to deliver improved access to services for low-income families. He is very well acquainted with CSP IT requirements and has played a central role in the design of the ECOS platform. He has led the development of seven major software applications and oversees all aspects of the agile software development process.

Rhett Eldridge

Director of Business Development and Support

Rhett coordinates and manages JAI business development initiatives, partner relationships and sales and marketing efforts.  He has extensive experience in program management and delivery, energy auditing, program monitoring and evaluation and residential/commercial construction experience. 

Rhett joined the JAI team to help grow the ECOS platform and support our partners with experienced service not offered by other companies, With over 20 years of program management, service delivery and oversight experience; Rhett provides unparalleled support and guidance to the JAI team and its partners.  He is uniquely suited to help our partners meet their needs and achieve their goals now and in the future.

Core Staff

Highly Skilled and Well Balanced

Our core staff is a blend of highly skilled developers and support staff. It includes seasoned developers and recent graduates from our local university systems. This diversity of experience promotes innovative and fresh ideas and techniques, and help ECOS and our partners grow and adjust to a continuously changing future.