Enterprise Software
for Community Service Programs 

ECOS meets the challenges of today with the flexibility to face the future. ECOS integrates LIHEAP, Weatherization, and CSBG in one cloud-based enterprise software solution. ECOS manages information for any number of community service programs and can report unduplicated counts for all programs managed by our partners. ECOS streamlines your work to reduces errors, save staff time and improves performance and reporting.

The JAI Team offers responsive expert service. We have many years of expertise supporting software for Community Service Programs as well as management experience working at the state and agency levels. We believe in a collaborative approach with our partners to help you achieve your goals.

Flexible and Adaptable

Embrace change

ECOS Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Rules Engine provides the technological framework for flexibility. It can support multiple Block Grant Programs within one platform and allows each state to establish their own management procedures.

Its modular architecture is designed to be adaptable and configurable. ECOS provides over 150 customizable settings for a broad range of options.

Collaborative Platform

With Enterprise Reporting

ECOS Platform connects all agencies and program staff on one common software platform. ECOS also provides a web service API that allows the system to efficiently connect with other databases for automatic data transfers.

The interoperability of ECOS greatly reduces time-consuming downloads and uploads. The ECOS Platform includes easy to use and flexible enterprise reporting tools with powerful data analytics capability for program planning.

Comprehensive Solutions

For all your programs

ECOS provides fully integrated Enterprise Software Applications to manage the LIHEAP, Weatherization Assistance and CSBG programs. Each program application integrates all business functions required to support the entire program work flow.

The ECOS program solutions are user-friendly with logical work flow processes, intuitive navigation menu and built in program compliance and validation.

Program Compliance

By program for added confidence

The ECOS maintenance agreement includes periodic software updates to insure compliance with any changes in federal policies. ECOS includes numerous data validations throughout the system to help staff in maintaining compliance with program rules.

JAI monitors program notifications and responds to client requests for compliance updates. The fully integrated ECOS Energy Audit is DOE compliant for all states.

Facing the Future with Enterprise Software

Co Authored by John Joseph and Rhett Eldridge, January 2017


Enterprise Software (ES) has been a key component to successful businesses throughout the world, for a number of years. ES integrates all core business processes and computer systems into a single IT platform, providing a comprehensive and integrated view of real-time data across the entire organization. Originally designed for large enterprises, ES is now used by enterprises of varying sizes and missions such as school systems, government agencies, health care organizations, and university systems. See our article below to learn how CSPs can benefit from ES to grow and thrive in an uncertain future.

                   Enterprise Software Benefits

•Easier application for funding

•Improved quality and efficient delivery of services

• Consistent and standardized delivery of services

• Real-time, state and agency access to information/data

• State and agency level access/control

• Powerful Analytics and Performance Measurement

• Powerful reporting with required state & federal reports

• Transparent and consistent household data

• Efficient and effective program compliance

• Elimination of data synchronization between systems

• Reduced IT costs

• And more

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