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Enterprise Software Solutions
for Community Service Programs

The problem is not a shortage of information systems
but a problem of too many disconnected systems

Our Enterprise Software (ES) platform is built from the ground up to help address the challenges you face. We can increase efficiency and improve service quality by integrating your core business processes and programs in one system. ECOS enables you to integrate all aspects of your work into one single enterprise platform. The enterprise software can be configured for one program or for all programs in the agency. Our agile architecture will help you thrive in an ever-changing uncertain future. To learn more about the advantages of Enterprise Software for the community service program (CSP) network, read our article; Facing the Future with Enterprise Software. 

Comprehensive Solution


Program Compliance

The ECOS Platform is designed specifically to meet the needs of Community Service Programs (CSPs). It provides a comprehensive and integrated view of the entire organization with real-time data at the individual program level, at the agency level, or at the entire network level.

ECOS is designed to help agencies control costs, improve service quality, and serve more clients. ECOS improves program delivery and process standardization. It eliminates duplication of effort and data entry, provides powerful reporting and analytics, and facilitates communication and coordination. As a result, agencies can serve more clients at lower cost. 

ECOS eliminates the use of multiple disconnected systems by integrating all core business processes into one centralized application. The result is a streamlined, cost-effective business model for managing both individual programs and the entire agency as an Enterprise.

Facing the Future with Enterprise Software

Co Authored by John Joseph and Rhett Eldridge, January 2017


Enterprise Software (ES) has been a key component to successful businesses throughout the world, for a number of years. ES integrates all core business processes and computer systems into a single IT platform, providing a comprehensive and integrated view of real-time data across the entire organization. Originally designed for large enterprises, ES is now used by enterprises of varying sizes and missions such as school systems, government agencies, health care organizations, and university systems. See our article below to learn how CSPs can benefit from ES to grow and thrive in an uncertain future.

                   Enterprise Software Benefits

•Easier application for funding

•Improved quality and efficient delivery of services

• Consistent and standardized delivery of services

• Real-time, state and agency access to information/data

• State and agency level access/control

• Powerful Analytics and Performance Measurement

• Powerful reporting with required state & federal reports

• Transparent and consistent household data

• Efficient and effective program compliance

• Elimination of data synchronization between systems

• Reduced IT costs

• And more

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